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Course Syllabi

Evening Classes

Introduction to Sociology - SOCY 100
Principles of Supervision - MGST 160
American  Society - SOCY 300
Family Demography - SOCY 312
 Open University
Dynamics of  Social Conflict - BEHS 313

Industrial Sociology - SOCY 461
Psychology of Advertising - BEHS 462
Weekend Seminars
Special Topics - SOCY 398
Distance Education
Military Sociology -SOCY 464
Sociology of Personality - SOCY 434
Sociology of Religion - SOCY 426
Social Demography - SOCY 410

Intermediate Sociological Theory - SOCY 403
The Sociology of Gender - SOCY 325

Other courses frequently scheduled for which syllabi are available include 

Introduction to Contemporary
Social Issues - SOCY 105

Introduction to the Study of
Deviance - SOCY 227
  Sociological Social

Psychology - SOCY 230
Family and Society - SOCY 443






The Preacher and the Physicist

The Punjabi Carpenters of Juffair

Civil Religion and Globalization
Some Consequences of War
Take Gideon For Example
Enough is Enough
The Nature of Modern Science
Keywords and Signatures 



Forbes about UMUC Distance Education 
The First Measured Century  




Faculty:  Warren Johnson was born in Chicago, grew up in Illinois and Wisconsin, and served overseas with the U.S. Army during the late 1960s. He is a graduate of Northern Illinois University with a B.A. in Psychology and an M.A. in Sociology. He lives in Augsburg, is married, has a son in graduate school, and is a Collegiate Associate Professor. Starting with evening classes in 1974, he taught later for the Day Campus in Germany, for AFCENT in the Netherlands, and for UMUC in Manama, Bahrain. Adding Distance Education classes in 1998 his courses have focused on Military Sociology (SOCY 464), Religion (SOCY 426), Theory (SOCY 403), Demography (SOCY 410 and SOCY 312), and Gender (SOCY 462 and SOCY 325). He helps train teachers for DE, is a participant in the Accessibility in Distance Education (ADE) project, and is a Fellow in the Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces and Society (IUS).






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